Chinas most prestigious stadium

China is considered to be one of the most growing countries in terms of, well, almost whatever terms people may want to put in. China has been well know for their strong determination in almost every aspects of living. Once they have said they’ll achieve something, they surely will going to give 110% of their best efforts to it.

In the world of sport, China has been dominating Olympic for more than 2 decades. What was usually dominated by USA and Russia (previously known as Soviet Union) has to be given to China.

Way when China was selected to be the host of the 2008 Olympic, we’ve been seeing their strong determination to ensure this big world of sport event will become one of the most prestigious events in the history of world’s sport. See here for more information.

The Nest

People were awestrucked during the grand opening of 2008 Olympic in Beijing China, witnessing the most prestigious and glorious stadium ever build in the world. It is so apparent that China has been giving their outmost efforts in building this stadium.

The appearance of this stadium will immediately reminds people with the nest of a bird. And this is simply the reason behind the name of the stadium it self, The Nest.

Designed by some of the most well known groups of famous architects in the world for grand building, China took years of hard works to make this dream into reality. The cost is un-imaginable as it takes billions of US Dollars to build this grand stadium in time, just right before the grand opening of 2008 Olympic in Beijing, the capital city of China.

Now, years after the Olympic, the stadium remains to be the one of the most prestigious buildings in China, with thousands of visitors every day. Check on to see more.