Few Beautiful Cities Of Georgia

More and more people are being drawn to Georgia to bask in its amazing landscapes, delicious cuisine and eclectic cities. The varied cities of Georgia all have their own quirky traits and when you travel to Georgia it would be wise to visit a few of them. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and you will more than likely fly into there. Tbilisi has been heralded as a mix of everything, it has bustling and hectic markets but just round the corner, you can find an isolated cobbled streets brimming with class and character. But do not finish your travel to Georgia there, more cities await you.

Mestia is a small city which is often used as a base for hiking, many will travel to Georgia for hiking and Mestia is a great place to set up camp. It is set high up in the Caucasus and is the ideal place to take on some nutrients before a big trek. Telavi is next on the list; it is surrounded by mountains on all sides and is an ideal spot for any history enthusiast. It has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and it is well worth visit for your history fix. No matter what reason you decide to travel Georgia, it is important to visit a few towns to discover the real and authentic side to this beautiful country.