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California is known for its slow pace of living and its laid back attitude. Despite so, it is not entirely true as it is also one of the most populated states in the US. The traffics and the daily activities can really result in depression and many other mental issues for those with a weak mind. If that happens to you, you just need a good shrink that can help you stay healthy when it comes to mind.

Dr. Alex Anastasiou is one of the best shrinks that you can get in California which practices in mostly the bay area. If you need a good shrink and you live in the Bay area or the surroundings, you now know where to go. Here are some more reasons why you should trust Dr. Alex Anastasiou as your shrink.

Good Reputation

If you look at his website, you will be in awe through the amazing comments left by his previous clients. Some guys claim that Dr. Alex Anastasiou was successfully helping him by being a good listener. He also knows when to care for his patients and when to act professionally as a medical expert. The certification and awards shown on the website are also a good sign that he is to be trusted.

Wide variety of services

Dr. Alex Anastasiou is trained in so many different treatments as a shrink. Whether you are suffering from a depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorder, you can always consult with Dr. Alex Anastasiou. Other services provided by Dr. Anastasiou also include binge eating disorder, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, and so many other. If you live in the bay area or the surroundings such as a walnut creek, alamo, Fremont or Dublin, you can go visit him for a check up. You can also check his online website which is available at

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