Small CCTV Maintenance Guide

Everyone has had something break and has had to repair it. In lots of cases the repair of the machine can exceed the cost of a brand spanking new. The repair or replacement of the part that failed causes downtime increases costs and provides frustration to the owner. CCTV systems are no different. CCTV maintenance reduces costs and eliminates both downtime and frustration.

Your automobile requires periodic preventative maintenance; you change the oil and filters. You follow the service recommendations in the owners' manual. This is periodic maintenance. The CCTV process needs periodic CCTV maintenance also. The mounts that the cameras and monitors are hung from need to be inspected to insure bolts are tight and the mount is safe. 

The camera housing needs to be inspected to insure that it is watertight. The fan for cooling the inside of the housing and the heater to heat the housing must be checked to make positive that they are working properly. A camera that becomes hot or chilled will have a shorter lifespan than that is kept in proper operating temperatures. For more related details, you can talk to the experts via, directly

The video signal from cameras can be compromised if the cables that are exposed to the environment are not inspected periodically. The insulation on the cables can become cracked and broken allowing rain or moisture to enter the cable and change the characteristics of the cable. The head finish equipment must be cleaned and the heads on the videotape recorders cleaned.