Tips And Tricks To Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly

In the era of this advanced age everyone owns a smartphone and prefers to check notifications from their phone rather than going through the hassle of using laptops. Is your website mobile friendly? Well if not then it should be. Its more accessible for the viewers to just comfortably use phones. For more such information on website design Perth companies such as web creation offer amazing work.


  • Turn off the caps lock when you enter the username and password. As phones have autocorrect it will most likely change their name which might be annoying for the viewer. While you’re at it, when the user puts its email the symbol ‘@’ should be presented beside the keyboard so that they don’t have to change the keyboard again for conversion.
  • Set a mobile preferred width that is both accessible to a mobile and a desktop site. Now when the user opens your website he won’t have to adjust the size it will be automatically adjusted with the mobile width. Set a size of your image to 100% maximization because the mobile site has already been adjusted and the images might appear smaller.
  • Avoid fixed header. If your website has a fixed header and does not move. When you zoom in the website it will zoom in to the header and will obscure the whole screen.

These are important yet small changes that are meant to make your website more mobile and user friendly.